A Self Collection Tool

Algorithmic augmentation tool that learns from scheduling patterns, identifies value opportunities and acts on them

Similar to the way plumbers work this tool would authenticate to user's data (calendar), and using statistical feature extraction would find scheduling milestones of importance

  • user goes on a movie night every other Wednesday. Machine will augment with editorial content about new movies, new restaurant and best combos of those
  • “My plans for tomorrow are cancelled” – I ask the machine for recommendation on meet ups in New York

System Consideratoins
  • This tool is based on a single user to single machine. In other words this is an instantiated and decentralized product. There is bound to be learning of anonymized data across users, but this is not a social platform. Actions of adding, following or otherwise engaging sideways are off–topic
  • this is paid service. Similarly to plumbers, this tool will come to your data (pipes) and render value for money. There is no interest in driving a network effect, and/or ad based model.

I am Currently looking for a technical co–founder.

Current stack for MVP is an iOS app, server side ML model (could be driven by Google Cloud Platform, or other third party out of the box environments), and integrations with distribution services (Twilio, on–demand printing, email).
Although this system will need funding to get off the ground, it is my intention for this product to not be free.