A Self Collection Tool


Active data collection on personal moments of significance.

An eco system for single-purpose machine learning
controllers. Functions that act on user data, and could deliver value through a user’s channel of choice.

The user has complete control on what data to share, and where would the system communicates value through.

Thinking in progress:

Data points:
  • location
  • music
  • velocity, speed, altitude
  • health-kit

Distribution points:
  • text: SMS, text, messenger
  • voice: Google Home, Alexa
  • print: daily, weekly, yearly report 

Currently looking for a technical co–founder.
My current view of such a person is a thoughtful engineer with interest in machine learning, human machine augmentation and quantified self.

I might be off with that model though, so please get in touch if this of interest.
Current stack I think could be needed for MVP is an iOS app for sensor authentication, server side ML model (could be driven by Google Cloud Platform, or other third party out of the box environments), and integrations with distribution services (Twilio, on–demand printing, email).

Although this system will need funding to get off the ground, it is my intention for this product to not be free. This links to a deeper design belief in the value of a slow (singular) human to machine value exchange, instead of a network–effect VC model.

Nitzan Hermon